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How to make different kind of shakers

by | Mar 27, 2024 | General

What is a Shaker element in paper crafting?

It’s a fun and interactive way to embellish any project or a card in which you put something that’s shakable (Sequins, sprinkles, glass glitter, chunks, beads, pearls etc) and can be seen through a transparent film.

How to make a shaker embellishment?

First of all you need a base paper. This can be anything that you want to show through the transparent thing(acetate). It can also be an acetate so that the shaker element is visible from both the sides. Then you need to make the dimension on the base paper( see below to check out different ways on how to make a dimension). After that you need your shaker mix to fill in. Then you need to seal the shaker mix with a transparent film, It can be an acetate, an acrylic dome or a net fabric. You can make a frame to cover the sides of the acetate to give it more finishing. After that you just need to embellish on top like a sentiment or a small element to elevate the whole look.

Ways to make a Shaker element for your projects-

1.) Layering the hollow paper die cuts to make dimension for putting the shaker elements

2.) Using Foam tape for making dimension to put the shaker elements

3.) Using Chipboards and stacking them to make dimension to put the shaker elements

4.) Using tulle or net fabric to put the shaker elements and sealing them in instead of using acetate(transparent film)

5.) Using acrylic domes to seal the shaker elements

6.) Using fancy shaker chipboard elements manufactured by many companies that are specifically designed to make shaker adornments to embellish your projects

7.) Using the leftover tape rolls to make dimensions for putting the shaker elements

In the above Image the shaker is sandwiched between base paper and acetate

In the above image the shaker is sandwiched between base paper and tulle(fabric)


In the above two images, the shaker is sandwiched between two pieces of acetate

I hope this helps you and you will be inclined to try these techniques.

Happy Crafting!



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