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Pictorial for the Blissful Times layout

by | Apr 17, 2024 | General

Hi Everyone!

I am Priyanka and Today I have a pictorial for you on how I made this Layout for this month’s Cyber Crop Challenge. I hope this gives you some insights and tips on how to go about this mixed media kind of layout.

So let’s start!!!

1.First I took a 12 x12 sheet of chipboard and selected my pattern papers. For the center I took a neutral shade and cut it out to 9 x 12 inches. For the top and bottom i took the flower background paper and cut two strips of 1.5 x 12 inches.

2.Then I took Two strips of leftover chipboard(from other project) to add dimension to my flowered paper strips and stuck it on the top and bottom of my base chipboard sheet as shown in the picture below.

3. Then I stuck the center neutral shade pattern paper flat on the base chipboard. After this  I applied one coat of clear gesso on the pattern paper so that when i do stenciling and apply cosmic shimmer powder diluted with water, the paper holds and there are no bubbles.

When my gesso is air dried, I applied the lace on the top and bottom edge of the pattern paper with the help of fabric glue.

4. After that I stuck the flower Pattern paper strips on the black chipboard in such a way that the lace is properly visible from under the pattern paper as shown in the picture below.

TIP- If you don’t have a fabric lace you can also use a lacey die cut in a coordinating color

5. After that i applied  texture paste through the stencil on the desired places. Let it dry and then I sprinkled the cosmic shimmer powder on the texture and used water mister to move the color around the texture until i liked it. Then I heat dried it with my heat gun.

As you can see in the picture above i did this step on three places- top left and top right and bottom right corners as well.

6. After that I made some mattings of different sizes for under my picture with contrasting colors of pattern papers. I took three colours, maroon, dark brown and cream colour to break the monotony of two dark colours together. Also, i used chipboard to give dimension between the layers of mattings under the picture.

TIP- By doing this it makes the layers more prominent and you can decorate it better as each layer helps to enhance the elements around the picture and the overall look is three dimensional.

7. After that i tried to play with the elements that I fussy cut out from the element sheet that came inside the paper pack. I also added a half frame at the back of the picture to give it a color break and some interest. I also added some white lacey die cuts of leaves to give more texture to the flower arrangement.

8. This is the close-up picture of the final arrangement of flowers. I also added some coordinating paper flowers from my stash.

9. Then I put the other half frame and some more elements on the top right corner and I connected the other frame with the top one so that it all looks cohesive. Take a close up look in the picture below.

TIP- The key to make the arrangement look real is to add dimension. Put foam dots or leftover chipboard pieces in between the elements to give a realistic look.

10. After that I made a very small arrangement on the right bottom corner to give a complete and balanced look to the layout.

11. In the end I just topped it with a sentiment and It’s done.

I hope you liked this pictorial and it inspires you to go out of your comfort zone and create something new.

Happy Crafting!



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