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by | Mar 30, 2022 | General

Hello hello

I am on a houseboat on the River Murray at the moment.

Very relaxing I must admit.

Now this gives me lots of time to catch up on everything YouTube.

It started me wondering where others get their inspiration.

Do you get ideas from Pinterest, Instagram, blogs, magazines, YouTube or other places.

I would love you to tell me your favourite YouTube channels, Pinterest people or Instagram accounts so I can expand my pool for ideas

I love all of the ideas I get from seeing what others create. I always pick up some little tip or hint.

Some of my favourites YouTube channels are:

Missy Whidden, Paper Inspiration, Jennifer McGuire, Kym Arnold, Natasha Foote and Vicki Papaioannou

I hope you can help me out with a few new places to visit




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