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Craftroom Clean Up time

by | Jan 23, 2024 | General

Hello Everyone.
January is a great time for a craft room clean up.
After the hectic Christmas period, my craft room could be described as almost a bomb site.
Why you may ask. It became the dumping area for things that didn’t fit in our bins.
Bags used Christmas paper, Cardboard boxes, recycled shopping bags etc
This got me to thinking about how much we actually can reuse

Among the Christmas papers I found-
– ribbons
-gift tags with elements I could Fussy cut and reuse
-cardboard packaging-
– acetate in some of the packaging.
-plastic packaging, handy for smooshing ink and paint, when too messy toss it then.
All of these could come in handy and save money.

Then the Cardboard boxes, though I didn’t keep them all. I selected pieces to use to back photos, instead of using foam mounting tape.
The next pieces I chose were pieces that I could peel the fronts off to reveal the corrugated cardboard, which I use quite often.

So make sure before you toss things out in your craft room, you think about how you can reuse them.
Next time It will return with more handy hints for reducing waste while cleaning out your craft room.
Have fun being creative


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1 Comment

  1. Leanne

    Great tips Debra. Our daughters know that when they receive gifts and that said chosen gift may be packaged really cute, it will be reused in my crafting and they quite often save me pretty tags or papers and ribbons.


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