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Crafty hacks that make my life easy

by | Jan 24, 2024 | General

Crafty hacks that make my life easy

Hi everyone!
I am Priyanka and today I want to share with you some crafty hacks that make my work easier and even save on money…

1. Make your own foam squares

Take a foam tape roll and stick the tape on a baking paper sheet. Then you can cut the tape easily into desired sizes, rectangles, squares of even thin strips. It’s non sticky and easily peels off when I want to use the tape.

2. Make your own foam tape

Take the leftover chipboard sheets (it might even be small scraps). Put double sided tape on both the sides and keep them ready whenever you have time. Then you can use these chipboard pieces under your motifs, layouts or anything where you want dimension.

3. Keep your scissors and other tools clean

I always have glue marks on my scissors after cutting tape all day and it’s really irritating if your scissors stick on everything you cut. So just take a cotton wool and dip it in nail polish remover or santizer(with alcohol) and rub it on the scissor blades.
Ta-da, the scissors are as good as new!

4. Keep your punches new

I bought so many punches in destash and they were worn-out and not cutting properly, I was so disappointed but before chucking them out, I decided to check online how to fix them and guess what, it worked!!
Take an aluminium foil and use your punches to cut through the foil(20-30 times) and you will see it starts to cut again like butter.

5. Manage your scraps

I scrapbook a lot due to which I have piles of leftover cardstock and pattern papers. How do I manage these???

Firstly, I have sorted the cardstocks by colour in big separate zip locks.
I use big scraps to turn them as a matting for my pictures (6*4, 4*4, 3*4, 3*2), rest I use for die cutting. I use long strips to make belly bands for closures, or cutting sentiments, or for making photo corners or even cut small circles by using my circles punches.

For leftover sheets from pattern papers, I either use them to make envelopes or tags it thank you cards to go with my orders.

I recently saw on you tube someone making page kits with the leftover pattern paper sheets from different collections. I think it’s a great idea and I am going to try it soon…

I hope it helps you all in some way or the other. Will be back will more insights into scrapbooking, till then Happy Crafting!


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